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From a carbon emission perspective, shipping goods by sea is by far the cleanest form of transportation. Moreover, the A.P. Moller – Maersk fleet is young and modern, making the Group a leading shipowner when it comes to fuel efficiency. Thus, Maersk Oil Trading is proud of supplying fuel to the cleanest means of large scale transportation you can find on this earth.

Environmental sustainability is becoming an increasingly important success factor in the marine fuel business. Both from a regulatory and a commercial perspective, the pressure to deliver greener fuel is rapidly growing. This gives rise to new opportunities for players with the right mindset. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

The sustainability perspective is an integral part of the way we work. No major project or strategy is launched before we are convinced that the environmental impact is aligned with our values. We believe that solutions should make sense on both a business and an environmental level.

We source more than 10 million tonnes of fuel every year, so even small improvements will have a large positive impact on the environment. Moreover, we are the largest end-user of marine fuel in the world, so other players frequently follow our lead. That makes the perspective even bigger.

Here are a few examples of our sustainability initiatives:

  • We explore various types of biofuels for marine use and are constantly interacting with key players in the industry. We actively look for potential suppliers and are deeply involved in the development of key parameters like fuel specifications, pricing and delivery locations
  • By developing a proprietary IT optimization engine, we have significantly reduced the average amount of fuel carried on board the ships. This, in turn, reduces the amount of fuel consumed by the ship to complete a given route
  • Maersk Oil Trading plays a leading role in the Group’s effort to radically reduce sulphur emissions from ships. We explore a number of different fuel options, like liquefied natural gas and methanol
  • We are proactive in reaching out to policy makers and regulators in order to ensure a green and level playing field for all shipowners
We lead the industry in investigating new fuel options and sourcing possibilities