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Maersk Oil Trading is a key driver of the Group’s effort to bring down its global emissions of CO2, SOx and NOx. When it comes to emissions from marine fuels, we take a lead in investigating new fuel options and sourcing possibilities. This is done in close collaboration with Maersk Maritime Technology and the vessel-owning business units. Externally, we work with a wide range of stakeholders from oil majors and liquefied natural gas (LNG) suppliers to biodiesel producers and fellow shipowners.

Sulphur emissions (SOx) from burning fuel on ships is one of the major focus areas. New potential contributions to reduce sulphur appear frequently and we address these opportunities with an open mind. This means looking at a very diverse set of options, like liquefied natural gas, exhaust-gas scrubbers and biodiesel. Since such fuel options are new to the main-stream marine market, we see it as our responsibility to shape potential solutions. This can cover pricing mechanisms and distribution channels as well as risk mitigation models and the location of production sites.

Besides working with the commercial sector to find solutions, we also engage regulators and policy makers in order to secure a green and level playing field for the entire marine industry. The Group is represented in the most influential industry organizations and we use our position proactively to support our green ambitions on behalf of our business and the broader society.

We engage regulators and policy makers to secure a green and level playing field for the entire marine industry