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Our dedicated Lubrication Oil Department has – in collaboration with external partners – developed a groundbreaking technology to reduce lubrication oil consumption onboard ships. The technology gives direct savings on the bottom-line and reduces the environmental footprint. We have patented core parts of the solution, and the system is now being marketed actively.

The heart of the solution is called the SEA-Mate® - an onboard lubricant blender that enables the vessel to custom blend used system oil into optimized cylinder oil on a number of operational parameters. The concept is truly unique, and a classic example of “out of the box” thinking. The basic underlying concept relies on the ability to convert used crankcase system oil into “finished” cylinder oil. This is done by blending the system oil with special lubricant additives to an appropriate grade (BN level) according to the sulphur level of the fuel being used.

The combination of the SEA-Mate® blender and the so-called XRF analyzer allows the operator to optimize the cylinder oil and lubricant feed-rate conditions according to the engine operating conditions and fuel type in use. The XRF analyzer has also proven to be very effective in the early identification of engine wear scenarios caused by plugged injectors, broken rings and high concentrations of metals in the fuel.

Read more about the SEA-Mate solution here.

An onboard lubricant blender enables the vessel to optimize cylinder oil on a number of operational parameters